Natural precipitation

By Plump Helmet Studios on

Natural precipitation

In our unannounced title, upon starting a new game, you'll first be met with one of the most important screens, the world generator. This is the world in which you're going to spend a lot of time, whether that's in the frigid tundras of the polar north, in the dusty savannahs of the equatorial regions, or in a temperate forest somewhere in between. Either way, connecting with the in game world is important in setting the tone for the game ahead.

Terrain generation

Procedural terrain generation is so much fun to work with. That's why we wanted to show off our natural precipitation model, which uses terrain features such as mountains and hills, as well as oceans, to generate natural rainfall and therefore forests and vegetative biomes where the land is more moist.

Natural precipitation

It's easy to get lost in procedural generation. We have more features to add: inland lakes and rivers, natural erosion, volcanoes for magma forges... right?

We look forward to sharing more images in the future, such as the biomes themselves, up close and personal.

And magma forges.

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