Announcing Feudalia

Posted by Adam on 29 July 2018 at 6:55 pm

We are happy to announce our upcoming game.

Feudalia is a medieval settlement sim, inspired by Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld, building on the art direction of Prison Architect & RimWorld, in the grim setting of medieval middle Earth. Build your settlement in a simulated world. Farm crops, raise livestock, harvest ore, smith weapons, research mechanics, and discover magic, as you hunt, trade, forage, and fight for survival.

We're happy to confirm Feudalia will be available on Steam for early access once ready.

Mod support

From the very get go we're building in mod support. The first thing you'll see when you start the game, other than a splash screen perhaps, is the loading screen, as it loads all the mod definitions into the game. It's also generating the background world you see in the menu at the same time.

One thing we love about both Dwarf Fortress & RimWorld is the content that the community provides. That's why mod support is the foundation from which we're building the game, so all the core functionality from plant definitions to skills to world generation is available for modders to use and modify.

Loading mods doesn't have to be boring

While there isn't too much to elaborate on for the main menu, we thought you might like to see it in it's current form. Load Game, Mods, and Settings are currently disabled until they are implemented.

Well, it's a menu

Create Faction

Upon starting a New Game, the first screen you'll see is the Create Faction screen. In this first screen, you'll get to choose a name for your merry weary band of adventurers settlers, along with an emblem to represent them. In the future, we may add scenarios to this section, helping you tailor your faction and story. For example, you could be five settlers looking to setup a new trading post, or a lone sorcerer, looking to exploit the wireless efforts of your earth golems to build a wizarding tower.

As opposed to the depressed majority


On the next screen, you get to pick your settlers. You'll be able to randomize the entire lot, or each settler individually. Each settler comes with a background - do they come from the peasantry or perhaps royal blood, or are they exile from distant lands? They also have a profession, which conveys with it a bonus to certain skills, though be wary, some profession carry skill penalities too.

Along with the long list of skills, each settler will also have some attributes. These are mutable and may change throughout the life of the settler. The skills are split into one of four groups - economic, magic, military, and social.

While most people are magically inept, there are those among the worlds of Feudalia who posses magical abilities: alchemists, working in their labs; arcanists, controlling the elements themselves; diviners, inferring dangers from the wind; enchanters, turning exceptional weapons into true legends; healers, who can mend bones without gypsum plaster; and the most vile of all, sorcerers, consulters of spirits and demons, summoners of golems and beasts and more.

Currently, all settlers are naked. We're working on that.

Schott, Albert Schott, Naked Shopkeeper extraordinaire

World Generation

Finally, the last screen you'll see is the World Generation screen. This simple screen encapsulates the world generation, where from over 10 playable biomes, each with their own climate and terrain, you can pick you embark region. There is a lot more that we're going to do with these screen, eventually doing away with the window and having a fullscreen embark mode. The world also needs lakes, rivers, named regions and more.

And on the 7th day, the world continued to generate

Pre-alpha release

Thanks for reading this far. What you see so far is the majority of our first pre-alpha release, 0.1.0-96 genesis. While there is a lot going on behind the scenes, the "in game" section itself is mostly terrain, plants, and time. Over the course of the next month we'll be working on the view engine for the game proper. While we are using Unity, for the most part, we're only using it for rendering purposes.

We look forward to sharing more with you over the coming months.

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This post is from the First Era of Plump Helmet.

This was before the great break of 2019-2021 and the predominant project of the time was Feudalia. The project was placed into cold storage and has not been revived yet. The dream remains alive however. These posts have been kept for posterity.