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Posted by Adam on 16 April 2019 at 5:02 pm

After production of Feudalia stopped abruptly last year, I have been trying to get the project up and running again. There have been—and will continue to be—a number of IRL challenges that will affect this, but I expect that by the latter end of this year, things should settle down and I will be in an even better position to proceed with this amazing project.

One of the problems I have found is that the breadth of what I want to incorporate into this game and its universe is so vast that it's hard for me to keep track of things. Previously, using GitHub, there were hundreds of issues, they contained everything from things I needed to work on tonight such as fixing issues with grass swaying in the wind to more obscure things like ecology and gemstones. Not only was it hard to track things, but really, things were getting lost in the noise. It's great to have all those ideas, but it's also nice to have a clear view of what's important now and what might be important later.

My idea to both get back into the production of the game and to reduce this paralysis by analysis, is to go old school. After all, the idea to get into game development was to try and recapture some of that fun from the old days of programming. In my day job, which I do enjoy a lot, I do a lot of what could be considered boring stuff. It's not boring, but it's also doesn't capture my imagination in the same way that sending UDP packets across the UK over copper cables when I was 10 did.

So, index cards huh?

Pretty simple really, I write the card number in the top right, the type of card in the top left, I can add metadata like the lime green link number, which refers to a link I have stored in a specific folder in my browser. I then add some details, but not too much. The idea is to not fill up the tickets—or well, index cards now—with so much detail that when I come to do the work I feel like, well, not wanting to do it. The laziness of not wanting to write will help in this regard.

So far, I've picked out the most important issues from the list, and written them down. The current game already had hundreds of tickets closed, and what remains is mostly what I had planned for the MVP which, really, should have hit before Christmas.

This game may will take a long time to complete, and as it is a labour of love, I don't mind this, but I hope to follow in the steps of my forefathers and release playable and enjoyable versions of Feudalia long before then.

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This post is from the First Era of Plump Helmet.

This was before the great break of 2019-2021 and the predominant project of the time was Feudalia. The project was placed into cold storage and has not been revived yet. The dream remains alive however. These posts have been kept for posterity.